At Tako Agency, giving a damn isn’t optional. Below, causes and organizations that inspire us collectively and personally.

Black Creators

Tako is a team of creators -- people who pour imagination and skill into beautiful projects that add value to the world. Our ongoing Tako Stand blog series, Conversations with Black Creators, highlights talented Black makers at all stages of their careers whose creative vision and work inspire us all. We're grateful for the privilege given us by our guests to introduce our audience to their work.

To put our money where our mouth is, Tako Agency makes a non-tax-deductible donation of $300 to an organization of each featured artist's choosing.

**This series is currently on hiatus and will be returning in the latter half of 2022. Please do enjoy all the wonderful features already available in the meantime!

We are Shopify Experts
We are Shopify Experts
Women in Tech

Did you know that only 25% of the workforce at the top 5 US tech companies is female? Ain't that some shit.

Supporting and promoting the advancement of women in tech is a no-brainer at Tako. We're led by one hell of a woman (Grace, our CEO) supported by a female-majority leadership team. Basically...we've been throwing hot sauce in the eyes of the patriarchy since our inception.

Representation matters. Support women in tech.

What We Love

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The Hanne Howard Fund

There’s just as much talent in Africa as anywhere else in the world, but so much less opportunity (especially for women).

My cousin saw the need and answered it, and then did it again, and again. She and her husband Ted started the Hanne Howard Fund, which supports vulnerable children and teens (especially girls) in Kenya with housing, nutrition, education, and career coaching and opportunities. Her commitment and the difference she's made in children's lives is inspiring.
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Sarvey Wildlife Care Center

To me, animals, whether wild or domestic, aren’t living "things," but living beings deserving of compassion and a life well- and fully-lived. I feel privileged to support organizations who share that ethic.

Sarvey provides food, shelter, and rehabilitation to orphaned and injured wildlife. Because well-meaning people are so often the problem rather than the solution for animals in distress, Sarvey also educates the public on when and how to assist wildlife, and when to resist the urge to intervene at all, making the center a gift to wildlife -- and for the humans with big hearts!

Friends of Bonobos

Bonobos, found only in a localized area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, are already endangered, yet like orangutans and myriad other rainforest neighbors, their numbers continue to decline due to rampant deforestation and poaching. Lola ya Bonobo, a sanctuary run Friends of Bonobos, rescues orphaned bonobos victimized by rainforest devastation and wildlife traffickers and prepares them for life in the wild, and they partner with Congolese communities to protect and save the rainforest and all its precious inhabitants.

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Texas Pawprints

Texas Pawprints is a cat and kitten rescue in Dallas, TX. Their work in their words: “TPP has helped reduce the number of stray animals in our cities by providing spay & neuter surgeries, as well as foster and adoption services. Our mission, along with the generosity of our donors, fosters, and volunteers has enabled Texas Pawprints to assist so many wonderful loving pets find their home with cat lovers throughout Texas."
The shelter adheres to a strict no-kill policy--even FIV-positive kitties, who are very commonly euthanized. Shelters fill quickly and it takes a lot of dedication to keep them running, especially when the shelter keeps every animal until they find their forever home. Also, TPP introduced me to my fur-son, Pawblo, who I now can’t imagine my life without!