Get More from Your Shopify Store with a FREE Opportunity Audit

Whether you want to go from good to best or your shop is struggling and you aren’t sure why*, our eCommerce experts are ready to take you to the moon – with a FREE comprehensive opportunity audit. 🚀

(*Psst…here’s a primer that might help.)

Save Time

It's hard to be objective about your own store -- and if you didn't set out to be an eCommerce expert, you might not know what to look for. A report from Tako’s specialists helps you focus on the most important opportunities – in half the time it might take you to identify them on your own.

Earn More

Hidden mistakes – or those which seem totally benign – may actually be harpooning your conversions, user experience, and gross revenue. An opportunity audit not only reveals exciting possibilities but prioritizes them as well, so you know where to start to get the most bang for your effort buck.

Shine Bright

Maybe your store isn't a disaster -- but is it the BEST it could be? We’ll look for opportunities to improve customer experience, grow the business as a whole, make your life easier – and help your Shopify store shine like the queen she is.

That Good, Good

With a Tako Agency opportunity audit, you get…

A detailed report on your Shopify store -- FOR FREE

Tako Agency OAs address UX/UI elements, overall customer experience, marketing/conversion/revenue-driving opportunities (both long- and short-term), and a mix of “big picture” ideas for the store as a whole  – plus smaller, more quickly achievable wins – absolutely FREE, FOR A LIMITED TIME.

Reports are typically 4 to 16 pages long, depending on the complexity of your store, collaborator access, and other factors.

The Opportunity Audit that Tako put together for me took all the guesswork out of figuring out what to do next. I decided to tackle what I could on my own and handed the rest to them, and together we’ve just been working our way down the list to make my store better and better.”


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Hey there, you made it.

Zlatko here (Z for short).

You’re probably wondering why we don’t have a contact form. I decided to change things up a bit. We’ve had a lot of inquiries about projects from brands with a beer budget but a champagne diet. The simple answer is we don’t take on small projects. We also don’t work with every single client that comes our way because our goal is to focus on a few clients at a time. Quality over quantity.

If your budget is below $10,000, we will not be a great fit for you. On the flip side, if you’re serious about working with us and you meet our budget requirements, keep reading…

If you had a chance to look through our site, you understand what we do. In short: we help Shopify brands grow their business. We have a strong focus on branding, design, and development.

If you’re serious about becoming one of our clients, feel free to set up a call directly with me here.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business.