We Are Shopify Migration Experts.

Whether you want to do a Magento to Shopify migration, a Woocommerce to Shopify migration, or just need general Shopify migration services + consulting, our agency of experts has decades of experience doing just that. Let’s get moving!

We Are Shopify Migration Experts.

What Is a Migration?

No, not birds. A migration is the process of moving your eCommerce store from one platform to another.
We are Shopify Experts

Why should merchants migrate to Shopify?

and more...
Out-of-the-box ease of use and an intuitive interface.
Backend is user-friendly. (Think: more hand-holding and speaking in terms regular people can actually understand.)
Backend is heavily code-dependent. Expect to lean on developers...a lot.
Time not spent fighting with code can be allocated to other business tasks and making your customers happy.
Waiting for developers to make code magic happen = less time to run your business. (Read: make money.)
No worries about hosting, conducting frequent backups, losing customer data, or spending thousands of dollars on server space and hosting.
Requires external server space and hosting (cha-ching), and carries the risk of customer data loss during necessary (frequent) backups.
Hundreds of native integrations available--no development needed.
Since these systems are code-dependent, installing integrations will require code knowledge and extra elbow grease.
Equally suited to small businesses, behemoth entities (lookin’ at you, Kylie), and any businesses looking to scale.
“Legacy systems” built with the Big Guys in mind--those with the resources to hire developers, purchase server space, and more. Scalability is severely limited for smaller operations.

You can be a basic Shopify merchant with a handful of products or a billion dollar brand working with huge teams of designers and developers who need to integrate 100 different apps — Shopify will treat you the same way. Their goal is to make eCommerce better for everyone, so they’ve built a product that will work for the majority of people, the majority of the time.

How long does it take?

That’s like asking how long it took to form the universe.

1 hour
Because they’re all so different, one migration might take an hour while another takes 8 months.
8 months
Because they’re all so different, one migration might take an hour while another takes 8 months.

The Tako team has been fantastic!

“Their designs are super creative, and they are true Shopify experts, always advising the best possible solution to achieve our goals. They have also been super available even for any last-minute requests or issues. They are a pleasure to work with and amazing partners!”

Marco M

Rebel Girls

Pain Points of Other Popular Platforms

(Kiss These Goodbye)

Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify

  • Requires prior knowledge of Wordpress before you can even learn how to use the WooCommerce plug-in.
  • Customization requires code familiarity.
  • Wordpress is self-hosted, and its full architecture is exposed to anyone who installs it on a web server. This means it’s easy for potential hackers to exploit it, because the structure for the databases, files, and general setup is consistent across installs. Most people don't bother to implement advanced security protocols or good passwords, either.

    In plain language, WooCommerce is hackable AF.

Migrating from Magento to Shopify

  • Magento’s massive size and confusing raw data structure mean that manual exports are ill advised. It splits up key data components into multiple tables, which are nearly impossible to wade through and can be particularly nefarious if memory comes up short and prohibits you from collecting all the required pieces.
  • Magento uses an old version of PHP, which presents limitations on how data can be exported, as well as maximum execution time. In other words, the amount of raw data you can export in one chunk right from the admin panel is often limited. PHP will time out after a period of time. Installs and setups vary in this time out period; it can be changed--but not by the average human--and is never unlimited.
  • Complicated user experience for merchants

Extra Brownie Points for Shopify

  • No hosting fees
  • No server maintenance
  • App + extension upgrades won’t break your entire store
  • More uptime than private web servers or other hosting platforms
  • Ability to scale is apparent + can be quickly leveraged

PSST — Are You in the Big Leagues?
Or Plan to Be?

Shopify Plus allows you to scale quickly and efficiently, with robust customization options (helloooo Shopify Scripts!), extra support, and tons of value-adding features. Talk to us about upgrading.

Should you DIY a migration?

In short, no. You should lean on Shopify migration experts for migration services.

Side Effects of a Shopify Migration


You now know that, with the help of a Shopify migration agency, you can migrate from one platform to another with your site intact. Google however — like a petty ex — will cancel you. Your search rankings will take a hit with any migration (not just to Shopify), but if you have an informed plan in place to regain and maintain your domain authority, you’ll be back in Google’s good graces in no time.


This could be positive or negative. You may pay less for hosting, but more overall because you choose to integrate more apps. Conversely, if you say au revoir to hosting fees and don’t opt into new integrations, your cost will decrease.

Don’t shy away from some bells and whistles, though! If your cost does increase after migrating to Shopify, it’s very likely to be balanced by greater ROI in the long run due to its ease of use, quality development, astonishingly deep documentation, and incredible API.


A migration to Shopify ensures that you spend less time drowning in technical nuts and bolts and more time investing in things that create a better experience for your customers--product updates, marketing, shipping and return enhancements, and more!

The Top 10 Mistakes Merchants Make When Migrating to<br>Shopify

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