Our Process

When starting a new venture, looking at all the items on your "To Do" list can be overwhelming. Why not bring aboard a team of expert professionals to help you, so you can focus on other things?

At Tako our goal is to get you launched with an incredible web site, a fantastic e-Commerce store, or a useful app that will help you achieve your business goals. We'll support you the whole way, through conception and branding to development, design, and even marketing.



Our team works with you through a discovery phase to explore and learn all the key components of your business. We pursue a deep understanding of your brand so that we can represent it authentically. If necessary, we'll help you decide which tools and platform are best to help you achieve outstanding results.



The next stage is wireframing, a critical step in design that focuses on functionality and structural organization. This stage can consist of several phases depending on the project complexity. We'll collaborate with you to capitalize on every single opportunity to provide a fantastic user experience.


Design - UI / UX

One of the most crucial aspects of your website is the overall customer experience. That's where user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design come in. We'll examine your target audience and industry to get to know your customers, and then tailor the website experience to be exactly what they want.



This is where we put some meat on the bones! In development we bring the design to life with expert coding and streamlined functionality to give your users a fluid, fast, and friendly website (or app).


Quality Assurance / Testing

You're almost ready to launch! With laser-focused attention to detail, we comb through the website to find errors, inconsistencies, and any outliers that might cause those pesky bugs. It's inevitable to have a few during development, but we'll squash those suckers in short order.



Once your site's been tested, you're off to the races! If you'd like to continue working with us, we offer custom marketing solutions for your business ranging from comprehensive social media strategy and advertising to innovative digital and email marketing. You've come to know and trust Tako throughout the design and development stages--trust us to add even more rocket fuel to your next stage of success.