Here's What You Need to Know When Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Here's a roundup of admin areas you don't want to miss when setting up your new Shopify store.

What On Earth is UX/UI Design & Why Does it Matter?

If you’re getting ready to launch an e-commerce store or another kind of website, chances are you’ve run into these two abbreviations: UX and UI. What are they, and are they even important in the first place?

Building a Shopify eCommerce Store? Custom Design is the Way to Go!

An off-the-shelf theme is unlikely to have the tools you need to be able to keep up with all that growth. The more expansions and changes you need to make, the more you’ll have to pay an outside designer to create custom fixes. Over time, you very well may end up paying more to fix, add, tweak, and customize than if you’d opted for a custom design from the beginning...

Introducing the InVision Image Downloader Extension

For years we've have been running into two specific, persistent issues with InVision Prototypes when working with clients. We couldn’t take it anymore, so the Tako development team came up with the solution: the InVision Image Downloader Extension.

Our Latest Project: Sparetoolz

Sparetoolz is a new tool and equipment rental app based on the peer-to-peer sharing economy. It’s a safe, secure platform that connects tool owners (who have tools) with tool renters (who need them)...

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