Introducing the InVision Image Downloader Extension

Developers, have you felt our pain?

For years we've have been running into two specific, persistent issues with InVision Prototypes when working with clients.

Problem #1: It's not easy to navigate, and having to explain (or essentially train on) InVision to a new client every time is a tremendous effort.

Even if you do manage to explain it all correctly, most business owners have so much on their plate they’re resistant to learning something new just for this one project. Frequently, they wind up forgoing the "commenting" tool and just send everything in an email or a Google doc...which creates more work for us.

Problem #2: There is no easy way to download the PNG in hi-res without jumping through hoops: using the Google Chrome "inspect" tool to track down the image URL, opening in a new tab, right-clicking, and then downloading…


tako agency chrome invision extension


We couldn’t take it anymore, so the Tako development team came up with the solution: the InVision Image Downloader Extension.

It’s simple: when you’re in the InVision project screen, just click on our Chrome Extension to automatically download the design file as a high-resolution PNG.

That’s it. You’re done.

The extension is so popular that it’s already hit #4 on Product Hunt today, and warranted a special comment from founder Ryan Hoover, saying “This is a micro problem I've faced many times. Thanks.”



Download the extension here, and let us know your feedback. Any and all is welcome! 

Happy building,

The Tako Team